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SMS Nonwoven Lab Equipment 

- It is combined by S series + M series + S series.

- Compact structure, easy for use in experimental demonstration and observation, also used in process technology research and material test, etc. also has characteristics of having little raw material consumption, high speed, easy on/off switch and low operating cost.

- It is equipped with unique hot-roll milling electrical heating systems so that it is more flexible and more convenient in temperature adjustment.

- PP, PET, PLA and some other materials can be used.

- SMS Nonwoven Lab Equipment is of basic equipment combination, according to the requirements, it can be combined into SXMXS type, it can also use Spun-bond and Melt-blown or SS, it can also be used independently.

The General Image of SMS-100 Nonwoven Lab Equipment

Special types, such as bi-component and etc., can be designed and manufactured according to customers’ requirements. Please click Communication.


SMS Nonwoven Lab Equipment Technical Data:


Relevant data and content are subject to the latest released information. More data will be determined according to the actual configuration.


SMS Nonwoven Lab Equipment