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Melt-blown Nonwoven Lab Equipment

- Low raw material consumption and with high speed testing.

- It is equipped with a unique hot-roll milling electrical heating systems; so that it is more flexible and more convenient in temperature adjustment.

- Hot-roll milling unit is easy to equip with a variety of rolling forms.

- Mode of receiving fiber is changeable.

- PP、PA、PET、PLA and some other materials can be used.


The General Image of Melt-blown Nonwoven Lab Equipment

Special types, such as bi-component and etc., can be designed and manufactured according to customers’ requirements. Please click Communication.


Main Application:

- Use for Simulating large- scale production processes and process technology research and etc.

- It is used for a variety of scientific researches, for example R&D of the new polymeric material, rolled technology R&D and etc.


Melt-blown Nonwoven Lab Equipment Technical Data:

Relevant data and content are subject to the latest released information. More data will be determined according to the actual configuration.


Melt-blown Nonwoven Lab Equipment