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FDY Fiber Spinning Lab Equipment


Product Overview:
- FDY Benchtop lab equipment models: FDY Single-hole benchtop lab machine, Single-hole floor equipment. Mono- & Bi-component optional.
- Small-scale lab equipment models: FDY Spinning Lab equipment, Mono- & Bi-component optional.

- KMD’s Spin-pack components are developed and designed independently and  have our own manufacturing capability. KMD designs and manufactures the Spin-pack components of the above models, and undertakes the design and co-development of new Spin-pack components.


- Can spin of FDY fiber, suitable for doing trials or researches.

- Polymer’s melting and melt channels are all adopt electrical heating, which offers with accurate control and are convenient for experiments used.

- Specially designed with two specific winder for lab equipment uses.


The General Image of FDY Fiber Spinning Lab Equipment

For any special requirements such as Bi-Component, special section fibers or special polymeric materials spinning and etc., please click Communication.


FDY Fiber Spinning Lab Equipment Technical Data:

Model No.                                                                   FDY-2500            FDY-4000

Min. dpf (denier)                                                          1.5                     1.5

Max. dpf (denier)                                                         30                       30

Max./Min. Total Dtex (denier)                                       1800/90               1800/90  

Max. Winding Speed (m/min)                                        2500                   4000

Screw Diameter (mm)                                                   25                      30

Max. Output (kg/h)                                                       10                      15

Equipment Size, L × W × H (mm)                                  2100*1950*3250  2100*1950*3250


Max. Equipment Consumption

Model No.                                                                   FDY-2500          FDY-4000

Max. Electricity Consumption (KW)                               46                     55  

Max. Air Consumption, 1.0 MPa (m3/min)                      1.0                    1.0

Air Gun Consumption, 1.0 MPa (m3/min)                       2.0                    3.2

Max. Cooling water consumption 0.1~0.2MPa (m3/h)     0.2                     0.2

Max. Chill water 0.1~0.2 MPa, 9-15 °C (m3/h)               1.0                     1.5


Drawing System

Godet Drive Motor                                                       REPMSM               REPMSM

Godet Heating Mode                                                    Induction Heating   Induction Heating

Godet Temperature Measurement Mode                        Platinum Resistor   Platinum Resistor

Heating Zone Number                                                  1                           1

Max. Operating Temperature (°C)                                 220                        220

Work Area Length (mm)                                               100                        100

Separator Roller Drive Mode                                        Passive                  Passive



Tensioning Method                                                       Pneumatic         Pneumatic

Thread Guide Traverse (mm)                                        240                   240  

Paper Tube Specification (mm)                                     Ø76.5*87*290    Ø112*126*290

Maximaler Spulendurchmesser (mm)                             Φ160                 Φ160


Melt Metering

Model No.                                                                   FDY-2500                FDY-4000

Metering Pump Drive                                                   PMSM                     PMSM  

Spinning Beam Heating Method                                    Electrical Heating    Electrical Heating

Metering Pump Specification(cc/r)                                1*3.5                       1*5.0


Relevant data and content are subject to the latest released information. More data will be determined according to the actual configuration.


Electrical Control System

High quality electrical panel, with aesthetic appearance, strong and durable, upto IP44 protection grade;

A. Temperature Control: Using renowned brand PLC control unit, with high control precision and accuracy, convenient data adjustment.

B. Speed Control: Using renowned brand speed inverter, with smooth operation, reliable, environmental friendly and good energy saving.

C. Melting Pressure Control: Using renowned brand PLC control unit, with high control accuracy, convenient data adjustment.

D. Low Voltage Electrical Component: Using renowned brand electrical parts, accurate and reliable.

E. Using touch screen for human-computer interaction, visual display, easy to operate.

F. With Self-diagnostic function, can instinctively show partial faulty point.

G. With Interlock protection function to reduce any operating error.

H. With linkage function, reduces the work load of operators.



FDY Fiber Spinning Lab Equipment